Still unclear about auditioning?

We hope we've answered any questions you might have had about the show, auditions and how to book in for an audition. But just in case we haven't, here are a few additional things you might want to know. If you are still unclear, please send us a message by clicking HERE.

What if I'm not auditioning for a specific role?

No problem. If you are not going for any particular part you will still need to be prepared to sing a song of your choice and read the script from the ensemble, which can be found on the Ensemble page. You will still need to attend the dance audition on Friday 11th September at 7pm-7:30pm for boys and 7:30pm-8:30pm for girls.

What if I can't attend all rehearsals?

While it is essential that we have full commitment during the rehearsal period, there are often unavoidable clashes. If there are any rehearsals you will not be available for, let us know on your audition form and if we are able to, we will try to work these into the schedule.

What if I'm unavailable for the audition date?

There are a range of dates available for auditioning, however, if you absolutely cannot make these dates, please contact us HERE and we will see if we are able to fit you in another time before the scheduled audition date but we make no promises.

Do I have to fill in an online audition form?

Yes please! (it is preferable). We have included an online audition form to save paper and to make things easier for everyone, but contact us if you are unable to do this by contacting us HERE.

What do I need to know about the audition day?

We are looking forward to seeing you in the Audition room very soon and we wanted to make sure you understand the following –

  • Please be prepared with your song before you come into the Audition room.
  • There will be an X on the floor where we would like you to do your audition from. This is only an indication of distance and you do not need to stay on the X during your song.
  • Don’t be offended if we ask you to stop. This simply means that we have heard what we need to and not an indication of anything else.
  • The names of the people on the Audition Panel will be displayed and available for you to peruse before you go into the Audition room.
  • We will be contacting some auditionees for recalls. If you are not called for this, do not assume you are not being considered as we may not recall all roles. We will be in contact soon after the recalls to advise you of the outcome. We appreciate that it is hard waiting to hear so if we can inform you earlier we will.
  • Most importantly enjoy the experience and thank you for the work that you have put into your audition.

What is the rehearsal and performance timeframe?

Rehearsals will take place during October and November on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Cast will come back for a block rehearsal period (9:30am to 2:30pm) on week days, beginning on January 4th, until the season begins.

Pack-in at Riverlea Theatre starts on Monday 4th January from 10am.  First rehearsal on the stage will be during the week following.

Peformances run from Tuesday 19th January until Saturday 23rd October.  Performances on Tuesday to Thursday are 11am and 2pm and performances on Friday and Saturday are 2pm and 7pm.  There are 10 performances in total.

Pack-out is on Sunday 24th January from 9am.  All cast and crew and expected to turn up for packout.

You can download a copy of the full rehearsal schedule by CLICKING HERE.

If you have any questions about the rehearsal schedule you can contact us be clicking HERE.

Who are Musikmakers?

Musikmakers is a community theatre club for people who love musical theatre. With a membership of approximately 120, we produce three musicals each year and endeavour to provide a range of genre from classical style musical theatre to musical comedy and more modern pop operas. Most of our productions are performed in our home base, Riverlea Theatre, in Hillcrest in Hamilton.

The club was formed in 1976 by a group of musical theatre enthusiasts who felt there was room for a theatre group that was prepared to encourage members to develop their skills and ‘give it a go.’ They also wanted the club to be inclusive of anyone who enjoyed participating and wanted a family-friendly atmosphere. They were intent on producing quality musical theatre while having fun!

This philosophy led to a number of young members developing skills in Musikmakers shows before developing their careers in the performing arts and television. People like TVNZ ‘Good Morning’ presenter and jazz singer Sarah Bradley, TV Sports presenter Geoff Bryant, rock singer Kimbra and many others have been in Musikmakers productions.

Musikmakers is dependent on the support of Waikato audiences to continue and the committee and members are committed to producing high quality productions.  We have a loyal following of regular audience members and with each show we attract people interested in that particular genre or production, hence we aim to provide a wide variety of productions over time. Approximately 2600 people see our shows each year. We also use live accompaniment for our singers where possible. 

Musikmakers is a registered charity and has donation tax status with Inland Revenue. We are an active and supportive member of Musical Theatre New Zealand with committee members regularly attending both Zone meetings and National Conferences. Musikmakers does not employ any staff and all members are volunteers, including our Directors, Production Managers and creative and management teams.

Musikmakers (Hamilton) Inc – Key Objectives

  • To produce a range of quality, affordable musical theatre for Waikato audiences
  • To provide a club for Waikato people of all ages who enjoy participating in musical theatre to develop friendships, skills and self-confidence and to have fun
  • To support the development of future participants and audiences of musical theatre through support of children’s and youth Stagecraft classes and other educational opportunities
  • To support and participate in ‘Musical Theatre New Zealand’

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